Rotating Compost Bins

Rotating or tumbling compost bins come in many shapes and sizes. They generally work by the same principle of rotating around a centre axle. Some tumble end over end like the one pictured and others rotate on the axle as if it were a barrel rolling down a hill.

These rotating compost bins work well if the fact that it is quite easy to keep the contents well aerated which is a must for producing aerobic compost in a reasonably short length of time. Each time the contents tumble down more air is mixed into the brew.

The main issue I find with these rotating compost bins that go end over end is that when they are half to three quarter filled, they can be extremely heavy and difficult to turn by hand. Another feature that needs to be considered if you were looking at a compost bin like this, is the access. Does it have a large enough opening to get the material in and out and is the opening at a good working/wheel barrow height?

There are a couple of dual compartment compost tumblers on the market that are easy to use, requires minimal time to maintain and produces compost with a good earthy smell. All done in a reasonable time frame.

In Australia, click here for more info on the “Little Pig” rotating composter

joraform rotating composter




In the United States, click here for more info on the “Dual Batch Compost Tumbler”


rotating compost bin

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